ALWAYS READY Scented Candle / House or Car Spray / Burning Oil / Hand Dipped Charcoal Incense and Hand Dipped Incense Cones Set

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Candles 0013
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Enjoy a never ending aroma as you experience our hand poured scented soy candles, car / house spray, burning oil, our hour long burning hand dipped charcoal fragrance sticks and finally our hand dipped incense cones. Create the vibe - room to room - setting to setting- interchange and interconnect your favorite fragrance through the various delivery methods. From home to automobile your fragrance choice will continue to electrify the atmosphere. Starting with our new soy candles actuated by the burning oil, then add the fragrance sticks closing with the room spray and cones - since you'll be so moved by the fragrance blend keep the excitement flowing with the car spray as you ride. What a great value. 8oz candle, 1 oz. burning oil and  1 oz. car / room spray along with pack of hour burning fragrance sticks (each stick burns 1 hr.) plus our hand dipped incense cones.